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Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast

Season 42 Episode 4 - Recap

Mar 30, 2022

Tamlynn Bryson joins us this week to talk an exciting episode 4! The drama of last weeks broken matches unfolds, more drooling of our special buff boy and we give our pop of the week. Let us know what you think?


mergeboot 2.jpg


Ep. 286 - Boy Girl Party - The Spooky Altitude

May 24, 2021

Today on Spooked! Damien gets fired and rehired, Tamlynn is the best pilot, Melanie performs several impromptu concerts, and Chili is just trying to get people to their destination. It’s all about flying to Vegas, so cash out your life savings, pick a random casino to lose it all at, and get ready to get Spooked!



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Grownups Read Princess Stories

Little Saddleslut (Greek Cinderella)

Mar 2, 2021


Little Saddleslut by Edmund Martin Geldart. Read by Tamlynn Bryson.

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Haven't Seen It

Ep. 36.5 - "Christmas Is All Around": Part 2 (Love, Actually)

ft. Tamlynn Bryson and Chris Seeney

Dec 15, 2020


It’s the gift that keeps on giving! We finish off Love, Actually with Tamlynn and Chris! (Boy Girl Party, Cookie Biscuits)

Haven't Seen It

Ep. 36 - "Christmas Is All Around": Part 1 (Love, Actually)

ft. Tamlynn Bryson and Chris Seeney

Dec 8, 2020

It’s your favourite problematic Christmas classic, that’s right, we talk 2003’s Love, Actually! Joining us once again are our friends Tamlynn (Cookie Biscuits, Boy Girl Party) and Chris (Cookie Biscuits, NOT in Boy Girl Party).

Good Morning Mrs. Strawberry

Good Morning Mrs Desk (with Tamlynn Bryson)

Dec 4, 2020


In Good Morning Mrs Desk, I am joined by my Canadian Tour friend Tamlynn Bryson as we discuss coping through lockdown, staying up late to make art, reveal some public transport emergency confessions and try to make the world better using the word DESK.


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Haven't Seen It

Ep. 15 - "Baymax" (Big Hero Six) ft. Chrisopher Seeney and Tamlynn Bryson

June 30, 2020


This week, we mansplain our way through 2014’s Big Hero 6! Joining us on our journey through San Fransokyo are our good friends (or arch nemesis’?) Chris and Tamlynn from Cookie Biscuits Comedy!



baymax 2.jpeg

Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast

Winners at War, Ep. 1 (Recap)

Feb 13, 2020


New season and we got a full house! Tamlynn Bryson and Chili Davidson join us to talk about the premiere of WINNERS AT WAR! It doesn't even feel real, it feels like a fever dream but we're finally here. How do you feel about the double boots? Who popped? Where is TONY!? Is Joel the true hero of the podcast!? Let us know!



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Episode 48 - Tamlynn Bryson

Feb 6, 2020


Alright here it is folks, the newest episode of the podcast. I'm uploading this off my phone and it's already messed up on me twice so I'm typing this through gritted teeth and while seeing red but no one reads this so who gives a good GOD. DAMN.

Today's guest is the very funny Tamlynn Bryson, we talk about a bunch of fun stuff including the creation and touring of solo fringe shows.


Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast

One World (Recap)

Jan 8, 2020


We're back from holidays and we're coming in hot by talking ONE WORLD! Tamlynn Bryson joins us again to talk Spradlin. Is this the worst season of all time? Did Joel drag this episode out too long? Could Kim Spradlin win season 40? Let us know!



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Merge Boot, A Survivor Podcast

Season 39 - Finale (Recap)

Dec 19, 2019

Wow, a hot finale for an unfortunate season. We're joined by Tamlynn Bryson and Jake Martin talking DK CHILLIN! Did this make up for the rest of it? Will Rupie do what he's told and stay away for the finale? You'll have to join us to find out.


mergeboot 2.jpg
Spooked Podcast


Ep. 136 - Tamlynn Bryson

May 13, 2018


The Spooky Woodsman and Camper Today on Spooked! Damien deals with annoying trespassers, Colin has stupid food, Cody can't let go of his ex, and Tamlynn couldn't make it in the city. Does a bear shit in the woods? Grab your flashlight and tie up your food in a sack in a tree and get ready to find out/get Spooked!




Tamlynn Bryson

August 29, 2017

Stageworthy is a podcast about people in Canadian theatre. On the podcast, host Phil Rickaby will talk to people who have pursued various theatre careers, from actors to directors to playwrights to stage managers and everything in between and beyond. In each episode we will explore what draws people to a life in the theatre, and how each individual pursues their career, and may cover many more topics as the conversation ranges.



Stageworthy Podcast
The Books Are Boring Podcast

The Books Are Boring Podcast

Ep. 22 - Time Travel and Vengeance with Tamlynn Bryson

July 26, 2017


For the the first time ever Dave and Trevor have a guest. Tamlynn Bryson comes over to talk about her show Bedwetter and her sketch group Cookie Biscuits. They discuss vengeance, time travel, and they freestyle. 

Femme Bytes

Ep. 4 - Feminist Fringe

June 29, 2016


I interview Tamlynn Bryson and Erin Burley about their original plays featured in Fringe festivals this summer. We chat about feminism, acting, theatre, and more. 


Femme Bytes
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